Security-Risk Intelligence Consulting

Risk-Security Intelligence Research and Analytical Services

Consulting services

Situational Intelligence

  • Situational Intelligence = Situational Awareness & Situational Understanding for Real-Time Critical Decision-Making
  • In-Time Situational Risk Monitoring & Analysis

Risk Intelligence Analysis

  • Political Security-Risk Analysis
  • Regional and Country risk Analysis
  • Socio-Political Risk Analysis
  • Geo-Socio-Political Research and Analysis
  • Reputation Risk Analysis and Monitoring

Perception Management and Intervention Measures

  • Election Campaigning Support (Capturing Hearts and Minds);
  • Communication and Influencer Strategies
    • Campaign Planning and lobbying
    • Strategic Messaging
    • Message Crafting
  • Influencing and Power Mapping

Media Monitoring & Analysis

  • Media Analysis;
  • Social Media Monitoring, Analysis and Countermeasures 
  • Counter-Propaganda and Fake News Monitoring and Countering

Intelligence Driven Investigations 

  • Security Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Solutions: Countering fraud/corruption and protecting the client’s assets, information, personnel and systemic processes.
  • Behavioural Security-Risk Intelligence Analysis and Mitigation
  • Monitoring, Assessment and Interpretation
  • Due Diligence and Integrity Investigations: Lifestyle audits/Vetting services and Integrity testing

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