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Paradigm Alpha supports critical decision-makers by integrating analytical technology and insightful intelligence. We evaluate and anticipate your environment’s social, political and security risks, allowing you to mitigate the threat of complex human behaviour and high-risk situations.

A formula for Success

Poor decisions are often the result of inaccurate information and misinterpreting human behaviour in a complicated situation. Intelligence alone often fails to provide a successful solution which is why we approach each challenge with a fusion of strategic methods. We base these methods on three key elements: understanding(insight),anticipation

(foresight) and influencing(action).

These objectives are fundamental to the success of our approach and the implementation of our methodologies. To put these key elements into practice, we have developed a sophisticated system of information, software and technology to provide a Dynamic Contextual Analysis (DCA) of each unique situation. DCA is a multidisciplinary approach to achieving optimum situational intelligence and understanding. This method highlights the tangible and intangible motivations driving human behaviour and offers an integrated solution for dealing with these dynamics, within a specific geographical context.

Precision software and technology

When used strategically, situational awareness platforms aggregate data, workflows and communications, to provide real-time insight for immediate and informed action. With the Nova Galaxy GeoSmart system, we can provide location intelligence, geo maps, dynamic databases, integrated analytical frameworks, and dashboards reflecting a real-time operational overview.

The tools within this system give us the ability to be instantly proactive in any challenging situation. It ensures that decision-makers are being informed with crucial, up-to-date assessments of their security risk, enabling them to make far more effective decisions and interventions.

The Nova Galaxy GeoSmart system offers more than just surveillance, it collects actionable intelligence from a wide range of sources, analyses and sorts the data into relevant information, and identifies and mitigates risks with proactive rather than reactive solutions.

Client Benefits

Paradigm Alpha assists its clients to identify the internal and external risk, business and environmental influencers, the role players and drivers of risk factors, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and or adversaries with the aim of maximising business potential and minimising risk and losses. Paradigm Alpha gathers and correlates the intelligence that gives clients the foresight making it possible to plan for and prevent or manage the effects of undesirable outcomes that result from competitive, risk, criminal activity and macro influencers.  With the improvement of our client's competitiveness they can:

Outmanoeuvre adversaries and competitors

Make better decisions

Minimise the risk of security breaches and protect intellectual property

Negotiate from a position of strength

Influence and lobby decision-makers effectively

Forging a new future

To confront modern challenges, security institutions need to update their traditional intelligence methods. They can only succeed with a more sophisticated approach to our fast-paced, dynamic and complex world. At Paradigm Alpha, we make it possible for our clients to acknowledge their internal or external vulnerabilities and to target those weak areas with highly effective, intelligent solutions.

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” 

Winston Churchill

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