Galaxy smart city/ safe city system

GeoSmart security

The GeoSmart Security, Smart-Safe City Concept comprises an integrated, multi-sectoral approach to improve the liveability of cities and quality of life for all residents, based on the premises that good urban governance, planning and management can improve safety and prosperity.

GalaxyNova Smart City /Safe City System can enable early detection of threats, and if not preventable a more rapid response and recovery, to reduce loss of life and property, thereby bringing justice and normality to an ever more urbanised society.

The concept can be applied to cities, towns, industrial parks, college campuses, or any other physical environment where people require a safe and comfortable environment.

The GalaxyNova as a system consists of two elements, namely the Nova incident management workflow database with trend analysis system and the incident reporting mobile application. 

Smart Physical Infrastructure

Safe City = Security

Smart City = Technology (IOT)

So what is a Smart Healthy City: A healthy city is a community based initiative that unites law enforcement, businesses, residents and city officials through a project intended to address the following within the community:




Quality Education


Water and Sanitation

Affordable and Clean energy

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Industry, Innovation and Infra Structure

Sustainable Development and Communities

Responsible Consumption and Production

Peace and Justice

Environmental responsibility and sustainability (Air, Water and Land)

The GeoSmart Risk – Smart-Safe City Elements

To ensure peace, stability and economic growth, you require a stable environment in which to operate. To bring all the disciplines together a platform that can work through all the different databases is required to:

Collect all relevant information

Interpret and Disseminate

Perform a Risk and Threat Assessment/Preparedness Matrix

Merge the above, prioritise for execution and report

Pro-active approach

The ability to gather all-source information/intelligence from all-source input, such as, surveillance footage enables pro-active prevention of crimes or at least mitigation strategies that would limit the damage.

Data centres as intelligence centres

The focus on Actionable Intelligence/Insights, data is collected from the environment, filtered, analysed, and converted into actionable intelligence/Insights. Data centres need to act as nerve centres, an integrated risk intelligence and operational system, with an all-source information capability (including feeds from reports from the field, video and audio feeds, drones, etc.) not only focussing on IP surveillance, but also responsible for health and safety, production, managing operations and an intelligence hub where 24/7 situational awareness is maintained and sophisticated decision-support systems and planning and execution enablers, similar to an “Executive Decision and/or Management Room” scenario

Real-time situational awareness

By collecting Actionable Intelligence from any number of sensors, such as video surveillance, open-source web intelligence, crowdsourcing, weather sensors, mobile location and more, decision-makers are empowered to manage and respond to situations efficiently, share information easily with multiple agencies, employees, citizens, and/or first responders. Also, by creating a single enterprise-wide view across disparate systems and technologies, Situational Intelligence improves response time, lowers costs, and increases operational efficiency.

Integrated software analytical system

Although a successful Smart/Safe City system relies heavily on technology and knowing the hardware, specifications of various cameras, storage systems and management platforms are essential; other critical factors include the actual management of the system and the people involved. This includes SOPs, the quality of personnel managing and running the system, as well as their interaction with stakeholders and the Client.

Crime intelligence overview:

Predict criminal activities.

Predict possible targets for crime.

Shows “hotspots” with probability.

Real-time information input function.

Information capturing function.

Decentralised Data Centers 

These data centers are community based and serve a a data repository of the community profile which includes elements like economic development, community risk profile, disaster management planning, community resilience profile, strategy for future development that  enhances planning, skills development, growth and community participation in the IDP, LED and other municipal processes to ensure transparency, governance and ethics.

Community Profile: 


Each community face unique challenges and these challenges be it water, electricity, communication and crime, makes for a unique set of solutions which is identified, quantified and then strategies are designed to meet each of these challenges to rejuvenate the economy and foster social cohesion, in line with the UN 17 sustainable development goals,  in each town. 

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